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Chris Finley
My thanks go to His Grace the Duke Alastair ven Dragos… for the brilliant Achievement of Arms and the Avatar, go check his work it's brill :D

Love art, can draw (sort of) and I like heraldry, Calligraphy, Sci-Fi,lego, Manga/Anime, and Model Trains

Current Residence: Cowra
Favourite genre of music: Classical, 80's New Wave.
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Motoko Kusanagi
Personal Quote: It's a 'Coat of Arms' not a 'Crest'
And now I'm on Skype, seems to be working better than Messenger so far...

Mapgame! Anyone interested? by Cheetaaaaa ***NOW CLOSED*** 

5 deviants said Cesare Borgia, son of the infamous Pope Alexander VI, instead of failing completely after his fathers death, creates a Papal empire in Italy, but catholicism is severely weakened in the progress (thanks for inspiration to this scenario to :iconfirelord-zu
4 deviants said Antiochos III of the Seleucide Empire defeats the Maccabees and thus wipes out the Jewish religion long before the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The consequence would be that neither Christianity nor Islam would ever come to existence. The setting of this ma
3 deviants said Italy stays a monarchy after WWII (suggested by :iconmastercharlesalbert: ).


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Yashael341 Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would you know if there is an official ruling as to the use of personal vs. familial arms for a first-born son?  Is it a matter of choice, or are there circumstances where one is more appropriate than the other, or is it just traditional to use familial arms consistently?  If you don't know, do you know where I could go to find out?
There are rules, it's called 'Cadency' which govern the inheritance of arms, they do change depending on the Country of origin for each armiger.

For example in Anglo-Norman (generally England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Western Germany, some areas of Central and southern Europe) tradition a Coat of arms is granted to an individual, by a statutory authority, so during his lifetime his eldest son uses a 'Label' to show that he is different to his father and all other sons mark their shields as well - younger sons marks being permanent - in this tradition there are NO family Coats of arms, this is a false invention of Bourke's Peerage and other non-sovereign sources to garner money from unsuspecting people.

In Eastern Europe, notably Poland it is customary to have family Coats of arms which pass unchanged thru all male lines.
Yashael341 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok.  I had seen the Brisures/"Marks of Cadence" before.  When the man dies, his eldest removes the Label from his arms, using a replica of his father's arms.  I had heard that this practice was widely disregarded, though, and that (at least in the UK) all relatives would use the arms of the head of their house.
Theoretically, could a son be granted arms of his own?  Or rather, is there precedent for such a thing occurring?
No this is not disregarded, it is as I said only those who do not know the rules who think they can usurp the arms of others who do this. In fact if you were to try in Scotland to use the arms of another person you can be arrested for fraud. The only person entitled to the "plain coat" is the head of the house.

It is possible for a son to have is own coat, but as Arms traditionally went with property and titles, if a son changed his Coat he could also lose claims to any of his father's holdings. Also the reverse has happened where a cadet branch of a family inherits a title upon the death of the primary line by legally dropping their old coat and taking up the primary one, the change is registered at the College of Arms in London for England and Northern Ireland, and at the Court of the Lord Lyon in Scotland, they are the ONLY authorities in the UK legally able to register and change arms. In Canada they have the Canadian Heraldic Authority, again they are the sole sovereign authority in Canada, and the Republic of Ireland has the Genealogical Office (tho its status is a bit less formal)

I'd suggest you get… it's a good starting book and explains the rules in plain and easy steps.
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Spiritswriter123 Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I make a request for you to make a Sash or Coat of Arms for my Fictional nation, Velvan?
I'll be honest, I would not know where to begin....
Thanks for faving ! :icondancingcatplz: 
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